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Message to prospective students

Message to Prospective Students

I have recently joined the faculty of the Department of Botany and Plant Science and University of California - Riverside (UCR). I will be supervising students seeking graduate degrees in Botany and Plant Sciences at UCR starting Fall 2017. In the future I will join the graduate faculty of other degree programs at UCR, so if you are interested in other degree programs (e.g., Biology) please inquire.

Students interested in joining my lab should: a) read the web page of the graduate program, b) read about my research on my web page and my project pages (you can find some of our published work there), and then, c) contact me by email and let me know what your research interests and professional objectives are, and a bit about your background. Please attach a CV or resume (including unofficial GPA and GRE scores), and/or a draft of your graduate school application Statement of Purpose. The next step will be to set up a telephone interview.

Some current projects from which students might develop graduate research include a computer modeling-based study in Micro to Macroscale Climate Controls on Tree Distributions, that will use species distribution models informed by field experiments to study the impacts of global change on important forest trees in California. Tools and and methods developed in a recently completed study could be used in for this type of research.

The tools used in my lab to study plant community patterns and dynamics on landscapes include a combination of spatial, statistical and multivariate data analysis methods, GIS, computer simulation modeling, field surveys, and remote sensing data products. I am particularly interested in students who have strong foundations in these areas, as well as ecology and botany!